Owned and Operated
Sebastian & Sarah Gutierrez

Sebastian Gutierrez

Freelance graphic designer, photographer, DJ, and personal fitness trainer.  Sebastian has used his creative skills as a graphic designer to promote and create advertisment for a local bar, (samples shown in gallery) and has created advertisment for local buisness to help them promote and increase sales.  

Sebastian is also a Disc Jockey and has entertained in local bars and private parties/ events.  

He also enjoys being behind the camera taking photos and video for most occasions.  His favorite is  capturing scenery views and beautiful smiles.  

Along with his artistic talents, Sebastian is also a certified personal fitness trainer.   He has his own private studio, and is also available to train at your own home.  

Sebastian is freelance and available for hire, please contact him at [email protected]

Sarah Tompkins Gutierrez

  Award winning bartender, recognized in the GLBT Community.  Sarah has tend bar at EJ's, The Room Bar, Pearl, F Bar and The Ripcord.  She has been known to be the first female to work at F Bar, bartend and event coordinator, first female manager at EJ's, and first female manager and event coordinator  at The Ripcord.

Sarah is currently bartending at JR's Bar and Grill, Houston.
 Sarah is availabe to coordinate/promote events for hire. 

Contact info: [email protected]


Awards and Recognition
  • Outsmart Magazine Readers Choice Award Favorite Female Bartender 2015
  • Outsmart Magazine Readers Choice Award Favorite Female Bartender 2016
  • About Magazine F.A.C.E. Award Favorite Bartender 2016
  • The Annual Leon Tindel Voice Of The Coomunity Award 2016​